Alexandria Town Centre Masterplan was approved by West Dunbartonshire Council on 15 September 2021. You can download a copy of the approved Masterplan here.

You can read the Council’s Committee Report about the masterplan here (go to Item 10 on the agenda), and a summary of responses to the public consultation on the draft masterplan in Spring 2021 here.

This website was created as part of the process of developing the masterplan during 2020 and 2021, to enable local residents and businesses to find out more and have their say. It explains why and how the masterplan was prepared.

The focus has now moved from preparing the masterplan to delivering it. This website remains online as a record of the consultation process but may be updated in the future to reflect progress in delivering the masterplan. If you would like more information about delivery of the masterplan, please contact the Council’s Regeneration Team by email - - or phone - 01389 737777.

Your priorities for the town as a whole!

Alexandria Community Action Network (ACAN) was set up in early 2021 to turn Alexandria residents’ priorities into action. ACAN follows on from Alexandria Neighbourhood Action (ANA) that was formed in 2019 in response to the Place Standard survey referred to on the About page.

Any local community organisation or member of the local community can join ACAN. Current members include Bonhill Community Garden, Central Alexandria Tenants and Residents Association, Christie Park Friends, Leamy Foundation, Tullichewan Residents Association and a number of local residents. If you would like to join, let us know using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

ACAN have an ambitious vision for Alexandria in 2030, which is outlined on this page. We want to work with the Council and other potential partners to realise this vision by:

  • Preparing a community-led action plan for the whole town which sets out a vision for Alexandria 2030 and actions by the community, the Council and others. This webpage is the start of that process, which we will continue later this year with more in-depth community consultation.
  • Supporting local community organisations to deliver their own activities for the benefit of the local community.

Alexandria 2030....

A vibrant green place established as a significant hub of enterprise, participation and heritage.

Availing of its unique locations it offers the connectivity of Glasgow to the tranquillity of Loch Lomond and the Trossachs.

A place of significant spirit and activity providing a place to explore for residents and visitors.

Five themes and supporting actions have emerged from community consultations in recent years. They are shown below. If you click on each action, you’ll see examples.

May-June 2021 consultation responses

We asked people what they thought the community’s priorities should be in the future, to help flesh out a draft community-led action plan for Alexandria 2030.

Five themes were suggested, each with three potential priorities – so, 15 potential priorities in total. We asked people to pick three priorities. The numbers in the table below show how many people picked each potential priority.

If you had to pick three priorities, which would they be ?

Click on '▼' to see some examples

Please choose up to 3 priorities

  • 38 Create economic development plan

    Visitor destination

    Vale Loves Local campaign

    Living wage town

    Community wealth building

    Community enterprise - startup hubs

    Green recovery - horticulture, green energy, tourism and outdoors

    Skills and training strategy

    Tourism plan

  • 14 Establish ‘Linger Longer in the Vale’ initiative

    Year-round events schedule

    Evening activities

    Barrier-free access

    Signposting in English and Gaelic

    Visitor information and hub

    Incentives to visit and stay

  • 5 Get people involved

    Town centre business association

    Youth Council

    Partnership working arrangements: Council and community

  • 59 Transform Mitchell Way

    Attractive buildings

    Vibrant spaces

    Green Heritage Corridor

  • 40 Make Main Street the heart of the Vale

    Safe, comfortable, attractive streets & pavements

    Cleaner, more attractive buildings and canopies

    Better street lighting

    Restore Smollett Fountain

    Accessible public toilets and baby changing

    Green Heritage Corridors

    Improved signage to car parks and from A82

    Effective parking controls

  • 8 Encourage cycling and walking

    Safe, signed walking and cycling networks for all ages

    Regular walking and cycling activities and events

Greener and
Health and
Our Heritage

Below you can see some of the comments people left for the 2030 Vision. You can read them all in Consulatation Report.

Do not let what has been carried out in Balloch Road and Balloch centre be inflicted on Alexandria
Look after the old buildings we already have and demolish all Mitchell Way. Places to sit plants and green spaces. Keep the place clean and make it a welcoming area.
The vale is an eyesore and has to be improved Mitchell way is a joke and who would want to open a business in Dutch a depressing area
If a 'Greener and Sustainable' vision is what you have in mind why are you planning to build houses on every available plot of land between Bridge Street and Main Street. Several of those areas are already 'green belt' and could be converted to community gardens....with planters!
engage with actual residents asking what they want to happen in their area not implementing silly vanity projects like random planters on people by people who do not live anywhere near them.
Knock Mitchell Way down asap
The heart of the Vale was ripped out of it by local government reorganisation in the seventies and has been going downhill since then .
Open consultation whereby comments and suggestions are listed,discussed,intreptive models made for inclusiveness to enable people to visualise easier..get remedial work started immediately, Mitchell way is awful,look at it from Alexandria station from visitor point of view..
A more diverse range of independent retailers and more rigorous policing of cars parking on double yellow lines.
I personally feel bringing more small, independent and local businesses to the Vale is very important. More community is badly needed!
One of the most beautiful buildings anywhere, the old Argyll motor works building. Huge potential here.
Put the money towards the Vale Hospital and get it back to busy hospital it once was
Do it sooner than 2030!!!!! Place is a disgusting mess and to leave for another decade???
Either a complete new community centre or extensive upgrade of existing centre as it is looking very rundown and every bit its 40 + years.
No point in Gaelic signposts as no one in area speaks it.
Make Alexandria Town centre an attractive place to visit. Make a town centre that we can be proud of.
Think Big ...... monorails, universities,50m swimming pool , knock down mitchel way think again
Put pride back in the vale, make it a vibrant place for people to eat out and drink and socialise with families and friends. Why should balloch and Dumbarton have these go to places but not the vale.
No Main Street parking would be an idea as my family have a lot of issues when it comes to people parking or stopping at bus stops, I have a wheelchair user in my family and it makes it really difficult for him to get on a bus because of this.
The roads and pavements need urgent upgrades they are a disgraceyears of neglect and temporary fixes are a false economy.
Reduce rates in shops to encourage new business.
A public square between Mitchell Way and the station to host a market and community/ social events.
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